David Trubridge is an innovative world renowned designer of objects of beauty, able to resonate within the human soul. "My ideas come from wild places, edges of turbulence and renewal, where seas break on beaches and headlands, where land and air meet on mountain ridges"

David has now cast his eye to textile design and has created the "Traces Series" with the first two collections within this series called "Rings".

Creating timeless objects of profound wonder and infusing them with ideas, understandings and approaches is the practice of David Trubridge. His inspirations eventuate into key socio-structural components of our distant future that will enrich our environment.

“I design to communicate, to tell a story, to relate what I find in the mountains and wilderness and what it is to be human. As an artist I develop forms and a vocabulary from what I see and feel around me. This is my personal language that I use to tell my story. No thinking or caring person doubts that we are at a crucial moment in human history. Enough of us are acutely aware of how overconsumption is threatening our environment and our future. -- if design is not actively trying to preserve our future it is, by default, destroying it."

David’s textile collections are inspired by the natural world that surrounds him and are a result of his interpretations and articulation of this world; they are printed in New Zealand, on sustainable grown 100% natural fibre textiles.

Visit the David Trubridge website www.davidtrubridge.com to discover the beauty of his creations, a silence, a now, and a truth of how we must act, think, and live if we are to make it to the tomorrow.