Woven Nature


Hemptech supplies 100% natural fabrics such as Hemp, Linen, Wool, Cotton and blends of these for innovative curtains, soft furnishings and an array of other items and applications.

We believe in working with sustainable resources that provide beauty and versatility while reducing the impact on our environment. Both Hemp and Linen use less water and have lower environmental impact during growing and manufacturing than other textile crops.

Our Design Studio creates high quality natural fabrics and collaborates with New Zealand and Australian designers, for clever and unique designs, that are central to our company’s commitment to fresh and sustainable textile design.

We partner with suppliers that meet high standards such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 which are some of Europe's leading fabric certifications. This results in an exacting criteria in sustainability, social responsibility and traceable product labelling. We go further by ensuring we are focused on our packaging, transportation and waste management in a programme to continually reduce our footprint.

Style, durability, sustainability and social responsibility can be intertwined as one and Hemptech demonstrates this with finesse. Natural fibres gifted by nature - woven into beautiful fabrics - enhancing both modern or traditional interiors.