All our linen and hemp fabrics are 100% natural, sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. Fabrics woven by nature creating gentle environmental footprints within your interior design story.


The soft touch of linen and hemp fibre is luxurious and satisfying to the skin. Your curtains will drape in soft and natural ways that are pleasing to the eye. And after a busy day to be able to sink into the comfort of your couch or chair upholstered with natural fibre, is to feel softness, smell crispness, it is to relax at last.


The aesthetics created in Hemptech’s Design Studio are beautiful, subtle, innovative, and stylish. The soft muted colours and hues created by using natural yarns and fibres are able to add serenity and calmness to interior design stories, traditional or modern.


The quality of our textiles shows its presence in subtle ways. The softness, strength, and lustre of the fibre, the skill and care taken in spinning and weaving the yarn into beautiful fabrics, are all integral parts of the story. Combined with design that is current and fresh to create luxuriant, sustainable and timeless fabric.


Textile stability is critical when using natural fabric for curtains or window treatments. Most 100% natural fabrics on the market today will rise or fall once hung and this stretching creates unsightly problems. To counter this issue Hemptech has developed a unique finishing process called Natural Fibre Textile Stabilisation (NFTS). This means that all our 100% natural curtain fabrics are stabilised and have minimal rise or fall - thus easily out-performing other natural fabrics on the market today.