From the Traces Series by David Trubridge "Rings Upholstery Collection" is contemporary, cultural and sophisticated.

The crackled surface of melt pools on an Antarctic glacier; intricate, abstract layers of siltstone along a rocky Otago coastline; shoot-green bursts of life after a winter deluge in the Outback these are the evocative images that inspired Rings.

Rings is printed in New Zealand  on a high quality 100 % natural upholstery linen with a soft oatmeal hue -  which is sustainably produced, grown and biodegradable -  luxury with a true lightness of being

Rings, colours and patterns are inspired by landscapes photographed by David on his adventures around the world. “The photos are the only trace I have of my time in these places. On the aeroplane coming home, I’d often draw expressive ‘doodles’ as an attempt to create, in a sort of meditative process, something of my feeling for the rhythms and patterns of nature.”

“The land will give you colour combinations that may be unlikely but that always seem to work so well together,” says Trubridge.