Surrounding ourselves with things we love has always been a big part of our lives.

Homebase Collections grew out of this passion, our combined talents and an ever increasing respect for the environment.

We have always enjoyed creating and styling things, from TV commercials, design, art and photography and when we decided to start making things for ourselves and to share with others, we also made a commitment to try and achieve this with as little impact as possible on the environment. Homebase Collections wants to take its time ‘like slow food’ and carefully valued objects for us and you to live a long life with.

Homebase Collections has created a range of fabrics inspired by the things we love about New Zealand. Icons we remember, things we had forgotten. Something pretty but not too pretty, feminine but not too girly, sometimes more masculine, thought provoking but kind to the eye, soft, beautiful & honest. A leaf or an anchor, a symbol of hope & unity.

It’s about our love of nature, our sense of place in New Zealand, about softness and simplicity treading lightly on the planet and enjoying the simple things